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Company Objectives:


  • Promote the growth of companies with the expansion of their businesses, strategic partnerships and the introduction of international companies in the Brazilian market;

  • To make project funding possible in a unique and personalized way to meet the specific needs of each project and client;

  • For each project and business partnership, identify opportunities for improvements in sustainability, environmental impact, use of technology and in the overall quality of life for each living being on the planet, allowing BG Gestão Inteligente to promote projects developed in the most innovative and forward-thinking way available;

  • Use the network of relationships composed of high income members, first-rate entrepreneurs, financing authorities in a customized way to better enable the execution of each project, or the growth of each company, opening doors to several exclusive opportunities.

Mission Statement: Promote the expansion of solid, reputable companies, with sustainable projects allowing a new vision of profit balanced with betterment of human beings and the planet as a whole. Seeking through our financial partners to finance projects that offer humanitarian, sustainable, profitable and viable benefits. Using our company's network of connections intelligently for the benefit of all, ensuring confidentiality and reliability among the parties.


President & CEO

BG Gestão Inteligente was founded by Mateus Barros Gomes, its current President and CEO. Mateus comes from a family of politicians and began a political career at a young age and was City Counsellor at the age of 22. He was also Speaker of the House as well as the youngest interim Mayor in the history of his hometown at the age of 25.


After his political career, he went to the private sector and later opened his company, BG Gestão Inteligente. Recently concluded two courses in Harvard: "CitiesX: The Past, Present and Future of Urban Life" and "Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies".


Mateus has a vast network of key relationships in Brazil and abroad, including individuals of high financial standing, government representatives, international financial centers, and banking authorities. With his company he has worked directly with the oil industry through Representation Mandate and also provide services to the mining industry, specifically to gold mining through Representation Mandates.


The connections in the financial world established in Brazil and mainly abroad, along with his political relations make his company a unique business, being a link for a far range of opportunities in innumerable sectors.


In recognition of his professional experience and knowledge, Mateus has for a certain period become a valuable partner in London's G9, a global network of business relationships, bringing together business people and investors from around the world.


Juarez Custódio Gomes

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Director, Government Relations.

Reserve Army Officer, where he received the peacemaker medal one of the highest honors of the Brazilian army. He was Mayor of Quarai for 11 years and councilor for 6 years. Extensive relationship with Brazilian politicians including former presidents of the Republic, former governors, as well as members of the legislature and judiciary. With 50 years of unblemished public life, during his long career was never cited by the supervisory bodies for corruption, his recognized moral integrity is aligned with our company values.

Veterinarian graduated at the Federal University of Santa Maria and Anesthetist at the Army School of Health. As an anesthetist, he worked for 25 years in the military hospitals of the Brazilian army.

Being specialized, he has performed in the public sector several works and projects. In 2000 he worked at the Sesi-Fiergs System at the Rio Grande do Sul Industry Federation.

Management Team

Juliane Hennig Wilkinson

Calgary, AB, Canada

Executive Director, International Affairs.

Business Administrator, Supply Chain Professional with over 19 years of technical expertise on contracts formation and negotiation, Capital and Operational Projects, commercial analysis and procurement of strategic goods and services.


Experience in Energy, Power, Aviation, Health, Transportation and Education industries. 

Mauricio de Oliveira Balsemao

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Advisory Director.

Exerts the strategic function of prospecting for new businesses and investors.

Perform analysis and development of personal and collective processes in financial executive projects.

Stephen Fern



Geneva Area, Switzerland

Chairman of Ark2030 Foundation. Ark2030 aims to reverse global warming by restoring the 500 million hectares of ecosystems that have been destroyed by mankind since the beginning of the industrial revolution. As part of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, the Ark will focus on five critical global landscapes across all continents.


Chairman and Founder of G9 ICC Fund offering private investment programs that help the EU to achieve its 2030 climate change targets.


He established the G9 Ark: a global project to coordinate the efforts of private capital and global citizens seeking to protect and preserve Planet Earth.

Corporate Endorsements

Some of the Business that recommend our services are: 

Izaias Tarandach

São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Entrepreneur specialist with dep know-how in the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil in the public and private sectors. He has partnerships with multinational pharmaceutical companies, distributors, laboratories, hospitals, clinics and doctors.


His company has as main objective to maximize the sale of medicine through information management with specific studies and analyzes for each product of the Brazilian market, demand, price competitiveness in the public and private market, necessary documentation to comply with the current regulation as well as taxation in each to determine sales viability and maximize results.

Matthew Whiteman

Montreal, QC, Canada


Matt Whiteman manages key relationships and projects with a wide variety of international partners at Pharmaxis Group, an American company that provides high-quality, non-available medicines to patients seeking treatment for orphan and low-prevalence diseases.
He is also Co-Founder and Partnership and Growth Director at Choco4Peace, a multi-institutional movement that uses cacao to support peacebuilding by providing war victims with access to markets, finance, and disruptive technology such as blockchain.

Cido Marques

Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

Journalist and entrepreneur owner of CM Assessoria For Business with unique know-how to raise funds for social projects and expanding business for various brands and products. In addition to offering VIP advice to leading politicians and businessmen in Brazil, his company specializes in fixing brands and products in different spheres of the global market.


With a constant presence in the media, Cido had special participation in several programs as well as the front of the CIDO MARQUES & YOU Program, a program aimed at celebrities and personalities. The diversity of its operations has led to the construction of a vast business-friendly network.

Georgiana Guinle

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Journalist, Press officer, Communications Manager, Producer of corporate, political and artistic events.

 Business consultant, one of First Lady’s Sylvia Jane Crivella advisor and coordinator of ‘Obra Social Abrace o Rio’.

 Writer and publisher of: "New Authors Collection", "Ostracadilhos- A Humorsaico of Emotional Caricatures" (Foreword by Chico Anysio and dust jacket of Ziraldo)

 Holy Ghost- From the Other Side of Eternity ". Author of the scripts" Lotus of Nacar "and" Ungüento of Zanzibar ".

 Partner with her brother, Gabriel Guinle and stepmother Maria Helena Guinle, of documentary "You Only Live Once" - which tells the story of her father, playboy Jorginho Guinle.

Mauricio Tatsch

Atlanta, GA, United States


Senior Consultant with over 14 years of a diverse experience in delivering innovative solutions to companies across multiple sectors in South America and North America, including project management, risk advisory, digital transformation, project controls and integrity & security projects in infrastructure, oil & gas and government regulated industry.

In the past 5 years he has been applying his expertise as executive consulting for an international leading global property consultant company, advising organizations manage transformation and challenges, mitigate security risk in financial, legal, operational, regulatory & compliance, reputational and transactional areas.

Donald Wilkinson

Calgary, AB, Canada


With a Degree in Civil Engineer, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and over 20 years of experience successfully managing cross-functional teams and delivering multi-million dollar projects in different industries and spanning countries and cities in North America, Europe, Middle East and the Caribbean, Donald contributes a multi faceted wealth of knowledge and experience to the team along with a "can do" success driven attitude.


asVery tech savvy with good business acumen, he is also extremely knowledgeable in sustainable agriculture, soil and water conservation, and holistic land management, and has learned through his own hands-on experience how to combine technology and Lean Six Sigma principles to the benefit of raising livestock and growing produce successfully. 

Ulf Walter Palme

Asunción, Paraguay

Florianópolis, SC, Brazil


Highly regarded Consultant & Project Designer / Manager with 39 years of experience in Project Design, Management and Business Development with solid technical-scientific knowledge. 


Sustainable Communities, Health & Well-being, Infrastructure & Logistics, Clean Water & Sanitation, Agriculture & Food Security, Environment, Territorial & Constructive Management

Daniel de Araújo Spotorno

Rio Grande, RS, Brazil


Lawyer, currently works in the city of Rio Grande, having worked throughout Brazil, with extensive experience in Public, Tax and Port Law, as well as in commercial and collective bargaining.

Carlos Alberto Berwanger

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil


Occupational Safety Engineer, Technical Consultant of Occupational Safety and Hygiene Engineering. With great know-how in the area, having worked for 15 years as Occupational Safety Holder of the Gerdau Group South Core. Technical advisor at units: USIBA, Siderúrgica Açonorte, COMESA and Siderúrgica Cearense.


Technical Expert of the Labor Court of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Labor Court of Gravatai, RS, from 1998 to 2008.

Mariana Macagnan

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil


Food Engineer specializing in Food Safety Management and Occupational Safety Engineer. For 8 years she was an Auditor and Quality Analyst at the National Agricultural Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply - MAPA.

Experience in the food chain, food quality, food import and export and analysis and identification of food fraud. Food safety consultant and auditor in national and international standards. Food Safety Inspector (export) at SGS group - SGS Brasil.

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