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In order to promote projects developed in the most innovative and forward-thinking way available, always fostering Sustainable Development, BG ​Gestão Inteligente offers a Multidisciplinary Team of Experts and Partner Companies with Validated National and International Experience in the following core areas:

  • Housing - Sustainable Communities

  • Health and Well-being

  • Infrastructure, Energy & Logistics

  • Clean Water & Sanitation

  • Agriculture, Nutrition & Food Security

  • Territorial Management / Environment

Our Team is prepared  to Design, Implement and Manage the Projects. Project Valuation is also in our scope.  Projects can be structured to generate profit, or for humanitarian purposes (being sustainable).

Housing - Sustainable Communities

  • Communities of 100 up to 5,000 families, or even higher;

  • Complete Community Concept;

  • Breakthrough in Constructive Methods - Concrete Precasting with rich & diverse typologies;

  • Innovative Technologies in Pavements, Sanitation, Garbage Recycling;

  • Efficient and safe mobility and security strategies;

  • Healthcare and Education Infrastructure;

  • Commercial lane/ shops and services;

  • Local Agriculture;

  • Commercial and Industrial clusters for job creation fostering Local Sustainable Development.

Example on possibleTypology

Existing reality on Social Housing deficit

New possible reality

Health - Healthcare Networks

  • Basic Health Units (Preventive Medicine)

  • Emergency & Urgency Medical Centers

  • Regional Hospitals

  • University Hospitals

  • Ambulance & Helicopter Ambulance fleets

From LOCAL and REGIONAL demands...


example on 200 beds - 50 ICU

Clean Water & Sanitation

Inadequate Storm Drainage - Flooding

Smart Solution - Pervious Concrete Pavement

River Basin Mapping for Flooding Management

Sewage "GEISER" common in metropolitan areas in Latin America. Lack of adequate infrastructure.

Installation to sewage treatment for 10,000 inhabitants

  • Storm Drainage Systems against Flooding

  • Innovative Sewage Treatment Systems (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor - MBBR)

  • Innovative Garbage and Disposal Recycling (Organic Matter Reactor - RMO)

  • Environmental Health

Tailored modular MBBR system

Accepted materials to transform

Circular Economy 

from Waste to Energy

No more Landfills !

Infrastructure and Energy Projects

Agurne Company

"Tax Free Zone of Melo" Project in Uruguay with total area of 1,340,000 m2.

Tax Free trading zone being initiated in the Southeast Cone (Mercosur), a huge development opportunity for the region, generating investment through properly regulated companies.


Over 30 years of experience with renewable energy projects in Brazil and South Africa, delivering feasibility studies as well as implementation of electric power projects.

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