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September 25, 2020

Mateus Barros talks about economic opportunities in times of world crisis!

Link to the Article in Franklin Toscano Column


Franklin Toscano


August 02, 2020

Mateus discuss BG Gestão Inteligente vision for upcoming business in Brazil and the World.

Link to Article in Franklin Toscano column.


Franklin Toscano


January 08, 2020

BG Gestão Inteligente is in Brasilia for Business

Link to Article in Jornal de Brasilia.


Marcelo Chaves

Stock Market Data

June 24, 2016

International Investors Look for Feasible Projects in Porto Alegre

Empresas Gauchas

Kathy Cunha

Giorgiana - artigo.JPG

June 5, 2015

Partnership Between Georgiana Guinle & Mateus Barros Gomes

Link to Article in Society Rio-SP

Yuri Antigo

Brazil: The country to Invest

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Stones of Meaning

July 18, 2013

Mateus Barros Gomes Young & Succesful Entrepreneur 

Link to the Article in Revista Evidencia

Revista Evidencia


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